Shipping and climate: The making of ‘Black Trail

The IJ4EU fund has launched a podcast dedicated to cross-border investigative journalism.

Listen to the stories behind IJ4EU-funded investigations, from the journalists who worked on them: how they built cross-border teams to pursue their topics, carried out investigations, overcame obstacles and created impact. 

In our first episode, we look back at Black Trail, an agenda-setting investigation into the relationship between two truly cross border topics: shipping and climate change.

From the Arctic Circle’s melting ice caps to Lisbon’s mega port, the team focused on how the International Maritime Organization, a UN agency, is failing to regulate ships’ carbon emissions.

The documentary also shows how shipping continues to burn the dirtiest of all transport fuels and why ship emissions are responsible for more than 50,000 deaths a year in European port cities.

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  • Host: Barney Weston, ECPMF event manager
  • Guests: Micael Pereira, Nikolas Leontopoulos, Margot Gibbs 
  • Executive Producers: ECPMFIPIEJC
  • Editor: Barney Weston
  • Sound Engineer & Mixing: Gerd Marczinzik
  • Content Producer: Barney Weston
  • Digital Producer: Barney Weston, Javier Luque Martinez