Julia Amberger

Julia Amberger is an award-winning investigative reporter and researcher based in Berlin. She reports mostly from African and European countries focusing on immersive storytelling and investigations. Amberger has uncovered a corrupt network within UNHCR offices in Uganda and Kenya and explored how blast fishing along the east African coast goes together with the smuggling of explosives. As she grew up in nature, she has a particular interest in environmental topics and how the value of certain species like tunas or pangolins is translated into buildings or weapons. Her stories are published in print magazines such as GEO, Stern, Internazionale, and REPORTAGEN in Germany, Switzerland, and Italy, as well as the German radio station Deutschlandradio and the French-German TV channel Arte. Apart from her journalistic work, she is doing field research and data analysis for a German think tank.

Twitter: @juliaamberger