Jon Erik West

Jon West is a documentary filmmaker, freelance journalist, and researcher based in Finland. He has been working in the media industry since 1993. Jon’s recent works include, “Pedigree Dream”, a documentary trilogy about the European dog trade and “Syntynyt kauppatavaraksi” (Born as a Merchandise) a 10-episode adaptation of Pedigree Dream, aired in Finnish TV broadcaster EVEO 2023, and “Kuolemanjuoksu” (The Deathrun), a documentary film about a Finnish veterinarian rescuing mistreated galgos from Spain to Finland (Spanish greyhounds).
Dogs have always been part of Jon’s life and work. He has published two books about dogs and written several stories, magazine articles, and online articles about the animals, both fictional and informative. In June 2021, Jon West founded an association, Perro On The Road, to investigate the dog trade and consumer protection issues.